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Life At Endurance


At Endurance, we realize it is not just about your department or job title, it is about who you are and the impact you create. Want to be an Endurian? Find out what it means to be an Endurian.

Employee's Loyalty

  • 3000+

    Working for 5 years

  • 1900+

    Working for 10 years

  • 500+

    Working for 15 years

  • 200+

    Working for 20 years

  • 60+

    Working for 25 years

  • 15+

    Working for 30 years

Equal opportunities, equal dignity without discrimination

At Endurance, we don’t just accept diversity (be it gender, race, ethnicity, region) – we celebrate it. We believe that this diversity is key to challenging ourselves and fostering creativity. It is through diversity of our employees that we are able to continue to innovate and grow together. Diversity is a strategic priority for Endurance and we are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace.


HR Programmes and Initiatives
We believe in identifying true potential of all of our employees and enabling them to achieve it by capitalizing on their strengths and challenging them to overcome their weaknesses through focused initiatives.

Employee Awards and Recognition

On the Spot Awards

We believe in celebrating success, even the small victories. Instant recognition aims to foster a result-oriented culture by recognizing initiatives that drive performance and innovation. Every employee who has added value to Endurance is felicitated for his/ her respective contribution.

Prashansa, MD Awards

We recognize employees for their exceptional contribution to the organization whether for building and sustaining a safety culture, innovating, process improvements, improving efficiency and effectiveness or demonstrating bravery.

Applying to Endurance

Simplifying Your Career Equation

Endurance is looking for passionate, hardworking, result-oriented, ethical, disciplined and innovative team players who are willing to challenge themselves. If you believe you have these qualities, Endurance is the right fit for you! To join our team and become an Endurian, please mail your CV at careers@endurance.co.in

Current Openings

Employee Journeys

We empower our employees with the right tools and resources to unlock their ture potential and become leaders. Here are few unique and inspiring stories that will give you the real taste of the Endurance life.

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