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Every child deserves to reach her or his full potential. However, gender inequalities in their communities hinder this reality. We envision a society where all…

Health Sanitation

Health is a basic human right for every individual. We are driving health and hygiene initiatives in villages around Chh. Sambhajinagar. These initiatives include… installing RO plants to ensure access to clean drinking water. We are also renovating government hospitals to increase access for communities, building toilets, organizing health check-ups and surgeries, providing rehab to alcoholics, and conducting yoga sessions. We are focused on improving women’s health which has a positive ripple effect, transforming families and communities.


We are committed to empowering individuals, especially women fulfill their dreams. We work with women in villages to understand their interests, develop their skills…


In order to ensure development and sustainability of communities, protecting our environment is crucial. We believe in investing in renewable sources of energy…

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